Quintessential style - VL002

VL002 is the iconic model worn by gold medalist Jean Vuarnet at the 1960 Winter Olympics. Classy then, it’s even classier now, redolent of a more glamorous age. Featuring the same extraordinary handmade Skilynx lenses, it’s the very essence of retro chic.

Vuarnet French Manufacture

The technical excellence of Vuarnet sunglasses is authentic. Find out how our craftsmen weave their magic.


Ref.: VL1303R01C1140


No one knows more about style and protection than Vuarnet. For over fifty years our in-mass tinted mineral lenses have been setting the standard for the world to follow. Each one meticulously handmade by master craftsmen.


The Vuarnet story began back in 1960 on the slopes of the Winter Olympics Men’s Downhill event. Today’s brand still encapsulates the technical excellence and sheer sense of French style that made Jean Vuarnet a legend all those years ago.