NEW COLLECTION EDGE, - When Style meet function

NEW COLLECTION EDGE, When Style meet function

INSPIRATION - EDGE : meaning side, border, fringe, boundary, contour, extremity of a surface, the line that forms the contour of something.  

§  Outer Edge – external rim, exterior side, external limit

§  Upper Edge – top border

§  Outside Edge – exterior border  

With its new EDGE collection, whose deep acetate rims surround the eye contour and protect them from the light, Vuarnet asserts its style while keeping the purpose of protection at the centre of its concerns.

 The three EDGE models (round, pilot and caravan) combine the very essence of the brand: a "sport chic" style, subtly vintage details and a highly structured and up-to-date construction.


PRODUCT - High-precision work was necessary to achieve the marriage of stainless steel, acetate and mineral glass to develop these particularly harmonious single-block joints to obtain this overall fine balance.  

The colour blends, between the steel, the acetate and the mineral glass, are wonderfully sophisticated, such as this round model where matte black metal contrasts with amber-coloured acetate and grey lenses; this very feminine gold-coloured pilot model with light-pink acetate and plum-coloured lenses, or this version of the caravan model where matte gunmetal steel is associated with taupe-coloured acetate and blue polarising lenses.  

The VUARNET signature with the V underlined with a ski is engraved on the spatula of the acetate arm in the form of a metallic insert, while the Frey & Winkler nose pads in silicon circled with metal provide exceptional maintenance and comfort.

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