Los Angeles, City of Angels - Vuarnet Day #09

Los Angeles, City of Angels Vuarnet Day #09

We are in January and winter is now well established in France. The cold begins to bite and sunny days are becoming more and more occasional. If some people are finding comfort by taking the direction of the mountains and the ski slopes, for others a kind of moroseness due to the season begins to settle.

In order to resolve this lack of sun and warmth, we suddenly have the idea of going on a journey. After few hesitations about the final destination, our choice was made and we decide to discover California through a road trip on the long sunny roads of this mythical state of the United States. 

The idea of walking under the Californian sun in sunglasses and t-shirt ends up to convince us about the necessity of such a trip. Neither one nor two! Here we are in the plane-direction Los Angeles, its palm trees and its soft sun. After more than 10 hours of flight, we finally set foot on American land.

Photo Credit : Vincent Perraud

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Before taking the direction of Californian roads, we take advantage of our first days in L.A to discover the city. Here time seems to have stopped! The mildness of the local climate and the architecture of the city immediately immerses us in the atmosphere of the City of Angels. There is a real perfume of holidays and freedom.

The city is sprawling and abounds with an endless number of neighborhoods so close and so different from each other. From Downtown L. A. to Hollywood, we stride along the streets with the idea of finding those places that we all saw in movies, those places that we have the feeling of having been here before, but which nevertheless seemed so far away from us. From the iconic coffee shop to the intimate rooftop, we take advantage of every moment to discover L.A and soak up the local culture.

For all photographers, Los Angeles is also a limitless playground. Depending on our desires, we stop enjoying the landscape and take some pictures of this magical environment.

db5a4889 vincent perraud vuarnet la 03 vincent perraud vuarnet la 04

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